Infuse me, baby!

Infusions ingredients
Infusions ingredients

My friend Millie sent me this link for Sweet Milk Liqueur via twitter earlier this week, and I had a mission. I’ve also been planning for my fraternity’s Alumni Weekend in three weeks. My friend Tom is coming in from Boston and crashing with me, and whenever I go visit out there they have a batch of Stoli Dolis ready to go. Time for me to return the favor. And since my travels today were taking me right by the homebrew shop, I might as well pick up some vanilla beans for a third blend. After all, I’ll be buying two handles of vodka.

For the liqueur, I stick pretty close to the recipe. 2 cups vodka, 2 cups milk, 2 cups sugar, juice of 1 lemon (and the zest). It looks disgusting. Only time will tell. Also, stupid me slept in today and didn’t make the farmers’ market. I wanted to pick up some milk from Battenkill Creamery for this very reason. Oh well. We’ll see how version one goes. If it’s worth trying again, I’ll get the good stuff. In addition, I’m wondering if heavy cream would be even better? Any opinions?

[box] <rant> I know, there’s someone wrong on the internet, but almost everyone who complained in the comments about the milk solids not separating out didn’t add the citrus! Look, I understand screwing with recipes. I have 50 cookbooks collecting dust because I just throw things together on a whim. But that citrus was there for a reason! Acid makes milk separate. </rant>[/box]

Infusions results
Infusions results

For the Stoli Doli, well… core a pineapple, pour vodka. Wait.

The other one, four vanilla beans, 3 cacao beans, pour vodka. Wait.

The key to any infusion is to not refrigerate! You won’t get the flavors out of the ingredients. Let it soak until it’s to your liking, pour off the spent flavoring materials, THEN refrigerate.

The vanilla and pineapple ones are no-fail propositions, but I will be sure to update when the milk liqueur is ready.


  1. says

    I’m definitely interested in how the milk liqueur turns out. I still have bad memories of one too many cowboy shots long ago. But if people can make homemade Irish cream (my cousin made a fantastic batch this past Christmas) then there’s hope for this one.

  2. Angelos says

    I’ll ask Tom, but I think it’s pretty disgusting after this process. I think part of the problem is that the soak can last 2-3 weeks. There’s nothing left to enjoy. It’s not like peaches or watermelon soaked in vodka for a day or two for the purpose of eating.

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