Troy Events: S[around]OUND

Quick, you still have time to get to this evening’s final performance of S[around]SOUND at 7:30 tonight! 5th and Jefferson, the Troy Gasholder Building.

I just found out about it Friday, thanks to co-worker Mat. I already had Saturday plans – cooking dinner date for local friend – but figured this would be a perfect break between apps/dinner and dessert. 5-block walk each way and killing time at an art show? Can’t ask for anything better.

We got there at 7:35, and the line snaked around the building parking lot, out onto 5th, and down Jefferson. Fantastic sight to see.

The space was defined by jagged walls of corrugated plastic, creating a spiral path leading toward the center of the building, where violinist Todd Reynolds was playing in a scissor lift going up and down. He was not lit, but a Microsoft Kinect was hacked to capture his movements and project an all-white digitized image on the plastic “walls.” Other Kinects around the area were rigged to do other interesting things. You need to play with them yourself to get the full fun of it. Two other scissor lifts were provided for the audience to go up and and view the installation from a bird’s eye view, but my guest and I decided not to wait in line for that. Dessert was calling.

The violin playing was an interesting jazz-electronica hybrid, supplemented by other sound effects created at various stages around the building, and the laser and other light shows created a truly futuristic feel.

Check it out if you can. I may go back tonight with a better lens, my f2.8 L glass. Yesterday’s kit lens was a poor choice.

UPDATE: Went back with a 2.8 macro lens, not much better. But added a couple more shots just because.

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